Blogging: a fresh start

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Hi everyone,

I know it’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted on Coffee-Stained Pages, but I thought I’d put a quick post up to let you guys know about my new blog.

I’ve created a new home for my blogging at, where I’ve been sharing my travels, photography, experiences of life in Sydney, covering events and even doing some fashion and book related posts.

Recently, my post on lesser known travel memoir books (click: here to read) was featured on The Huffington Post, and I’m very grateful to have had several other articles published by them as well.

While I don’t discuss books on my new blog as much as I once did (alas, life has changed since my university days, and I find myself reading less than I’d like), I would love to hear from you at and am keen to re-engage with the book blogging community.

I’m also on:




Thanks everyone!



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